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( Artist depiction of the NEPTUNE Canada undersea observatory. Image © Copyright NEPTUNE Canada. )

NEPTUNE Canada is the world's first regional-scale underwater ocean observatory network using underwater sensors in the Strait of Georgia and the ocean west of Vancouver Island that connects directly into the Internet. People everywhere can 'surf the seafloor,' while ocean scientists run deep-water experiments from labs and universities anywhere around the world. A sophisticated network of sensors, instruments and high resolution still and video cameras with lights placed on the ocean floor stream real time data into the Internet to support research, education and outreach. Instrument types include current meters, hydrophones, sonars, bottom pressure sensors, chemical and gas sensors for measuring carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane and nitrates, microbe and plankton samplers, turbidity sensors and many more.

NEPTUNE Canada and Catch + Release

A collaboration between NEPTUNE and Catch + Release resulted in the peice 'Disrupting Currents,' a large projection that visually translated scientific information (eg. audio and other data: temperature, current, oxygen, and salinity) picked up by NEPTUNE, Canada’s ocean observatory, and their underwater sensors in the Strait of Georgia and the ocean west of Vancouver Island. Disrupting Currents underscores how our present circumstance relates to past history and impacts the future. The projection, entitled “Disrupting Currents,” is interactive; museum goers’ movement disrupts the constantly evolving image patterns derived from areas historically rich in salmon.   The accumulated scientific data in the projection echoed the accretion of mineral material in the geological/mineral sculpture formations, referring to—both cultural and geological—time.

For More Information

For more information on NEPTUNE, please visit: http://www.neptunecanada.ca/

To learn more about 'Disrupting Currents,' refer to: artwork page.