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The City of Richmond

The City of Richmond is a municipality with a multicultural population of 200,000 people, with more than 50% visible minorities, just south of Vancouver. According to their website, the City is committed to implementing decisions and initiatives to become the most appealing, livable and well managed community in Canada.

The City of Richmond Archives

The City of Richmond Archives is the official repository for the records of the City of Richmond's Municipal government. The Archives also acquires records through donations from individuals, families, organizations, and private companies.  Archival records are evidence of the past that have value and impact for everyone. By providing access to original records, the City of Richmond Archives gives anyone the opportunity to interpret past activity and decisions for themselves.

More Information

The City of Richmond:http://www.richmond.ca/

The City of Richmond archives: http://www.richmond.ca/cityhall/archives/about/about.htm